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OZ ESPRESSO MACHINES was created so we can help our customers through brilliant design, skilled labor, and excellent customer service. We love what we do and we want to help people of the world make better coffee at home.

The story of our professional journey begins in the year 2000, with a young barista joining a small local coffee shop.

For years, we have tried to perfect the art of espresso at every level starting at the very basics of espresso making and up to using our industrial design skills to innovate in the specialty coffee industry. 

Throughout the years, we helped many of the San Francisco Bay Area residents with their coffee equipment and we are grateful for your support. 


We believe that good customer service is the best business plan!

Thank you,

Team OZ.



Suzy Romanowicz

"Yossi was wonderful to work with. My machine took less time than anticipated and he did such a great job servicing the unit. I can't wait to visit his new location! The Bay area NEEDS his kind of attentive and friendly service!"

Simon Sips

"Perfect customer service and expert repair quality. Having owned 5 coffee bars over 25 years my expectations are probably higher than most, but Yossi surpassed the bar."

Chris Pratt

"I took my Marzocco gs3 to Yossi and was super impressed with the thorough maintenance. I will definitely be going back the next time the machine needs service."

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