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No matter if you are Home Barista or a busy office, we know your coffee is important to you.

We have years of experience and we will do our best to find a solution to your needs, as soon as possible. 

On-Site Repair

At Your Location

Have one of our certified technicians visit you at your  location, either for a new machine installation,  problem-solving or for a

Latte Art training.


We will be happy to email you an official quote so you can see what is included and how we can move forward. 




Man Holding Bicycle
Bring it to us

At Our Shop

Sometimes, it is easier to pack your machine and ship it to us or schedule a drop-off if you're local. 


Here, we can take a closer look at your machine  and solve complicated problems that take time. ​

Some problem solving involves leaving the machine turned on all day for observation or even leaving it overnight. 


Once we complete the diagnose, we will send you a quote for your approval. 


Plants and Coffees
Service Program

Quarterly Service

Join our VIP club!


When you're a part of our maintenance program, you will enjoy a clean machine that performs at it's best all year round. 


When you think about it, an espresso machine is just like a car. It needs ongoing service to perform well and more importantly, to make delicious COFFEE!


You will be surprised to find out how big of a difference it makes having your machine maintained on a monthly or quarterly basis. 








Sometimes, a quick call or email could save you a lot of time and money so please feel free to contact us.


The in-house diagnosis fee is $60

and is not used towards the repair, then we send a quote. 

Our hourly rate is $120 per hour. Travel time is $120 per hour+Parking & Toll if any. Shipping with UPS/FedEx Only.  

On-site, we only charge for the time we spent in increments of 30 min past our 1-hour minimum upon arrival. Note: The first on-site visit to a new location is for diagnosis only. We will do our best to have all the right parts and tools on-site, but there is always a chance that we will arrive at the location and find an additional problem while testing the equipment. In that case, we will let you know immediately and will decide together what will be the best course of action. 


 Please feel free to email us with any questions!

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